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HABITAT CONSERVATION PROGRAM Plants and animals habitats destruction is the biggest conservation problem that we face today. Human  consumption of natural resources causes a strong habitat fragmentation that impacts negatively our biodiversity.  That is why better conservation plans development  is Yoluka´s highest research priority. Factors, such as  overpopulation, deforestation, pollution and overexploitation of natural resources, driven by human activity  contribute to biodiversity loss. Our research program seeks to counteract them by means of new proposals for  habitat management and sustainable development.  Coordinators: Enzo R. García Bartolomei                         Ilya Acosta 
MAMMAL CONSERVATION PROGRAM With this research initiative Yoluka seeks to lead the conservation of mammals, around the world. It is an important  group inside the different ecosystems in which they are located, because are great habitat quality bio indicators,  represent a significant part in biomass and have different functions within the ecosystem. For our researchers it is a  priority to develop and support research projects that provide new biological, ecological and systematic information in  order to help understand better this group of animals and to set up their conservation and management priorities.  Coordinator: Ilya Acosta 
CONSERVATION GENETICS PROGRAM Yoluka’s researchers have wide spectrum of interdisciplinary skills needed to create, conduct and consult  projects in the field of the conservation genetics. Our specialist have strong knowledge in population genetics,  molecular ecology, biology, evolutionary biology and systematics. Yoluka refers its scientific potential to the  genetic diversity as the genetic factors are of highest importance for the conservation of species and ecosystem  diversity. The conservation of the genetic diversity gives populations sustainability and chances for survival.  Once lost - gene variants cannot be recovered.  Coordinator: Ruzha Babekova. 
MARINE CONSERVATION ECOLOGY PROGRAM For Yoluka Foundation marine conservation is also an important research priority in order to manage natural  resources worldwide and to protect, recover, and to use sustainably our seas. This program promotes and  develop research program that seeks the protection of marine species and ecosystems in oceans and seas,  involves protection and restoration of populations and habitats, strongly impacted by human activities such as  overfishing, habitat destruction, pollution and other issues that affect marine life and habitats.    Coordinator: Enzo R. Garcia Bartolomei. 
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