ILYA ACOSTA  I am a biologist of the National University of  Colombia, with specialization in ecology of  terrestrial  ecosystems and mammals. My areas of  interest are the biodiversity conservation, the  mammal’s  ecological interactions, the continuing  problematic in terms of habitats fragmentation and  the  environmental education. I am also focused on  developing systems information that provides tools   for managing data associated with the conservation  of flora and fauna. Now I am working on the   morphological variation in bats in relation to how  they are using the habitat.   RUZHA STOYANOVA BABEKOVA, PhD  My PhD research is on the topic Control of  Genetically Modified Organisms in foods.  I spent 3  years specializing in  different molecular techniques  in the Bavarian Food Safety  Authority. As a  member of the Yoluka’s  core team I am working on the analysis of the genetic background of  different  species and populations and implementation  of innovative strategies for conservation of  the  biodiversity thought that the genetic diversity  of a species is of crucial importance for their   survival.     ENZO R. BARTOLOMEI GARCIA  I am a marine ecologist (Antofagasta University, Chile)  with further specialization in Environmental  Impact. I  have an international professional diving licence to be  used in scientific diving, submarine  photography and  filming. Also, I have experience in conducting scientific  projects and research in  molecular biology and marine  microbiology. In Yoluka’s activities I apply all my skills  with the  strong knowledge of conservation  projects, wild life management and environmental  legislation I  have. My career path is strongly orientated to  the management and conservation of natural   resources.  
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