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With years of experience working with kids and their parents, we understand what are the parent’s needs when searching for a nanny.

Based on that, we created Find Your Nanny. An APP that will help parents to fill their specific needs when finding a babysitter.

We know that each kid is special and has their own particularities and needs, and Find Your Nanny will help you to find your super nanny.


In the app you can find a babysitter that has all docs checked by us


Simple and easy to manage, you can select the filters you need and all the local babysitters will show up on your screen


All nannies courses and experiences are verified before being able to work.


All nannies and babysitters are also covered by insurance to guarantee the parent’s peace of mind.

 A secure APP created to help parent’s when hiring a local babysitter.
With no onboarding fees the app is the fastest and safest way to find a nanny near you today.
You are able to filter your needs, such as certificates, registered nannies, overnight babysitters, weekend nanny, and much more to find a nanny that will best suit your family.


You can choose the hourly rate related to the nanny’s qualification and date/time. It varies from 24$ to 34$ plus GST.

Through the app we offer multiple filters to help you choose the best nanny according to your needs.

The Find your Nanny app is free for download and registration, you just pay for the worked hours.

We ensure that any qualification added to the app is official, so all the data is trustworthy.

Differently than a regular nanny agency, the Find Your Nanny App doesn’t charge a sign up fee.

Insurance, experience and diplomas are information you can get on the nanny’s profile.

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